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Grow a bigger brand on Instagram.

The smarter way to grow a bigger and more loyal following quickly and organically.

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Growth simplified.

Jolted will find your targeted users, simplify the mechanics of engagement, speed up the process, and show you exactly where your new followers are coming from, so you know where you’re getting the most results.


Automatically create your list of ideal users on Instagram.


Easily engage and convert the best users for your brand.


Quickly grow your following with naturally engaged users.

Create a campaign.
Get an audience.

When creating a campaign, you’ll be able to define and segment an audience you wish to engage with.

By keeping different audiences separate, you’ll be able to split-test groups of targets and determine which Instagram users are truly your target audience.

Input targets.
Output followers.

You can define your target audience based on the hashtags you think they’re using, locations they’re geo-tagging or relevant accounts they’re following.

Jolted will then automatically build your audience and serve them to you once you’re ready to engage and convert them into new followers.

Prequalify users.
Increase results.

With 3 main filters at your disposal, you’ll be able to narrow down your target audience and engage with people you believe are most likely to engage back and follow you.

Filters include max no. of post likes, max no. of media comments, and media age.

Natural Engagement.
Organic Growth.

With auto-like bots being shut down by Instagram, Jolted offers a more personal, safer, and natural alternative for engaging with users within a smooth and fast process.

In return, you’ll convert users at a much higher rate, attract active followers with a real interest in your product, and grow more organically.

Safe automation.
Quick results.

Once you’ve queued up the users you wish to engage and specified how you want to engage them, Jolted will then process each of your actions and automatically push them to Instagram on your behalf.

Our algorithm will make sure you’ll stay well within Instagram’s limits and have your actions appear natural while making sure you reach as many people as possible.

Clear Insights.
Better Conversions.

Learn which targets convert the best, split-test new targets, dump the ones that aren’t performing well and keep the winners going.

Through the stats we will provide you, you’ll be able to monitor your progress, make adjustments as you go and easily optimize your campaigns.

Enjoy real growth.

Safe & Reliable

With accounts being banned for using bots, Jolted offers a safe and reliable automated solution that plays by the rules while being more efficient.

Smart Interface

We simplify the mechanics of your Instagram marketing by offering you an organized and clean interface that will make growing your page feel like a breeze.

Deep Targeting

With 3 effective filters and the ability to add unlimited targets (hashtags, competitors, and locations), you’ll be able to effortlessly reach your target audience.

Grow Faster

Through natural engagement and powerful automation, you’ll be able to quickly gain more followers and increase your page’s overall organic reach.

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Jolted is currently accepting users on an invite-only first come, first served basis. Once you're invited, you'll have the ability to try Jolted for a 7 days free-trial (no cc required) and see for yourself how effective it really is. So act fast and request your invitation below. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.